London 2012

Memorable Moments

The 2012 London Olympic Games was one of the biggest successes in the history of the event. Billions of people tuned in worldwide to watch athletes represent their countries with pride and honor. These games were full of high expectations for some athletes… read more

Sebastian Coe: A British Hero

Sebastian Coe is currently a well-known politician, but politics is not the primary way that he has made a name for himself. A gifted track and field athlete, Coe won four Olympic medals during his reign at the top of this elite group of athletes. He won the gold medal in both the 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games. However, his real expertise shines through during middle-distance track events… read more

Olympic Games Revitalize Urban Areas

The London 2012 Olympic Games were highly successful on multiple levels. It brought international attention to athletes from all over the world, while launching new careers for many. The Olympics have been a source of fascination for many decades. These games allow the citizens of countries to unite and cheer on their fellow country men and women. However, the London 2012 Games had an impact which reached beyond the athletes. Urban regeneration, and the cooperation between… read more