Olympic Games Revitalize Urban Areas

The London 2012 Olympic Games were highly successful on multiple levels. It brought international attention to athletes from all over the world, while launching new careers for many. The Olympics have been a source of fascination for many decades. These games allow the citizens of countries to unite and cheer on their fellow country men and women. However, the London 2012 Games had an impact which reached beyond the athletes. Urban regeneration, and the cooperation between the private and public sectors.

Costs associated with hosting the Olympics tend to grow tremendously. Some people even argue that the costs might not be worth 2 weeks of sporting events. However, these costs are not just directed to what the television viewer sees in the form of lights, spectacle and music. The costs put forth by the public and private sectors with work for many businesses such as cleaning services in London and security companies are actually investments for the future. The investments for the London 2012 games were intended to revitalize parts of the city as well. When a city hosts the Olympics, it gains positive long-term financial stability. Areas of London benefitted from the sudden influx of wealth and a desire to rebuild areas which needed attention.

Planning is a major part of a host city’s responsibility. The city must be ready to handle an event in which the entire world descends upon it. When a host city successfully welcomes the Olympics, it provides the catalyst for future large-scale endeavors. You could even look at it like a test. One the city has proven to its citizens, government and other countries that it is up to the task, then other large events become available. Urban renewal plans can come to fruition with more enthusiasm once the city has proven itself worthy of taking on new challenges.

The city of London did an excellent job in ensuring that its Olympic efforts made a difference in terms of urban regeneration. One organization, the East London Business Alliance, established something called the London Legacy 2020. This program places an emphasis on sports and on the youth of the city. It also places importance on training, acquiring skills and on developing cultural awareness. Development of areas surrounding the Olympic venues was a top priority for city officials. Previously neglected sections of East London have seen substantial growth as a result.

Interestingly, the Olympic Village, which was the primary area used to house the athletes, will be converted into a new housing area. These homes will be put up for sale or rent. The idea behind this is to provide affordable housing to the people who need it the most.The Olympic Village is supposed to be turned into East Village, and it will feature a new school campus. Additionally, this area will become home to a new health center. This new and bustling area is set to start bringing in significant revenue long after the Olympic Games have ended. Furthermore, the establishment of East village has already generated thousands of new jobs for London’s citizens.