London 2012 Olympic Links

The London 2012 Summer Olympics provided plenty of magic and drama. Sporting events tested athletes to the fullest extent, as tens of thousands of people descended upon London to catch a glimpse of their expertise. Interestingly, people who tried to personally link to the official website of the London Olympics were not allowed to do so. Apparently this was reserved education affiliations. However, there are some other links which warrant consideration.

The Paralympics are held in tandem with the regular Olympics every 4 years. This event allows people with disabilities to have a chance to highlight their athletic skills through friendly competition. You can find out much more at It provides an in-depth view of the event’s goals and motivations. Another great website that you should check out is This website contains useful information regarding budget issues, athlete accomplishments and social news.

If you’re someone who is easily captivated by stark visual imagery, then you should check out the website at This website allows you to browse through numerous photos that tell the story of the important events of London 2012. Sometimes a picture is worth much more than words, and this website provides proof of this belief. One of the main Olympic websites allows you to view medal results and to get the latest news regarding every athlete. Follow this website at to gain inside information into the competitiveness that encapsulated the games.