Docklands Light Railway

The Docklands area is a place in London which has seen growth in the past few years. Similar to subways found in New York, the Docklands Light Railway is a metro system designed to provide efficient transportation to redeveloped sections of the Docklands regions. This system opened in 1987, and it operates through a minimalist approach. There are not abundant numbers of staff operating the system, and most people seem to prefer it this way. Once revitalization started to take hold in this area, the need for a public transit system became evident.

All of the trains are operated by computers, with no drivers at the helm. They operate on a times system of arrival and departure. As the years have passed, operators have made it much easier for residents to get tickets or to schedule their trips online. During the early to mid-1990’s, more people began to use the system than was originally anticipated. People began to complain about how the connection points did not end at major pubic streets. The system has subsequently been extended to take passengers into several other key areas of London.

The DLR now contains 45 stations, and it is 25 miles long. Its six branches include Woolwich Arsenal, Lewisham, Tower Gateway, Stratford International, Beckton and Bank. Those who use the system will find that it provides a smooth ride, and it allows you to get to your destination n a timely fashion. Check the Docklands Light Railway website for key departure times.