London 2012: Becoming A Volunteer

While many people were paid for their great service during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, many more offered their services as volunteers. Some estimates place up to 70,000 volunteers at the London Olympic Games! That number is staggering, but think about all of the work that must go into providing great entertainment while providing comfort for athletes and visitors alike. The people who volunteer for these huge events do not go home with a paycheck, but rather, they go home with memories that will last them a lifetime. It is estimated that volunteers account for 8 million hours of work at the Olympics.

What many visitors do not realize is that being a volunteer is not necessarily full of glitz and glamour. In fact, many volunteers are placed far away from the actual events to help others who need directions. An Olympic event can become a confusing place for many people, so volunteers must be willing to steer people in the right direction. For many people, becoming a volunteer at the Olympics is like a dream come true. It is something they have wanted to do their entire lives, as it is not something that becomes available to do very often.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, then chances are good that there will be an area that needs your services. Some people even give out free massages to media who have been working out in the hot sun all day. Others bring refreshments or snacks to those who have not had a break in many hours. If you’re interested in helping, then there will be a place for you.